The left turners, part two

On the previous post we looked into which riders have scored more points in anticlockwise tracks (with more left handers) than on clockwise tracks (with more like handers) since 2016, when Michelin became the sole tyre supplier of MotoGP.

Among other things we saw that Marquez has scored “only” 1.0 points more on anticlockwise tracks than on clockwise tracks, despite his reputation of being particularly strong on left turns. In comparison, we found that Andrea Iannone has scored +5.1 additional points on anticlockwise.

To better understand each rider performance, we now show the positions on which each rider finished on each type of track since 2012, when MotoGP moved to 1000cc, until the time of writing (after the Silverstone 2019 GP).

Use the drop-down menu to view each rider statistics.
(Only riders with at least 100 points are shown)

One of the most interesting riders is Marc Marquez:

Marc Marquez has scored in average 18.8 points per anticlockwise race, +1.8 points more than the average of 16.9 points in clockwise tracks. But more impressively, he has won 66.7% of races on anticlockwise tracks, more than double his average of 31.0% on clockwise tracks. However he has has finished out of the points more often on anticlockwise tracks (19.4%) than on clockwise tracks (13.1%).

This tendency for victory or burst on anticlockwise tracks from Marquez contrasts with the performances of his main rival Andrea Dovizioso, who has scored 2.1 points less in anticlockwise tracks than in clockwise tracks:

Dovizioso has 13 victories, none on anticlockwise tracks.

His teammate Danilo Petrucci has an even worse record on anticlockwise tracks, scoring 2.7 points less on anticlockwise tracks than on clockwise ones:

Petrucci has 1 victory and 10 podiums in total, none on anticlockwise tracks.

But if there is a man in the era of 1000cc MotoGP who has struggled with anticlockwise tracks is Loris Baz:

His best result in his 15 races in anticlockwise tracks is a 15th, compare that with the 21 times that he has scored on clockwise tracks, including 3 top 5 finishes.

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